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Section A- Job Roles
This section is going to be based on my college which is Greenhead College. This is situated near one of Huddersfield top park Greenhead Park. The address of this college is GreenHead Road, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD1 4ES. Greenhead College is one the top ten colleges in England, it has over 2000 students at this college. It has over 30 subjects which can be studied, these include subjects such as: Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Law, Psychology, Business, Economics, Geography, French, Spanish, Art and many more subjects.
There are many regulations in how people can get into this college. One prime example is if the high school is a feeder, this means that the schools which are
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John’s main tasks and responsibilities are the health and safety within the college. It is his responsibility to ensure that the college is a safe place to teach. He also has to make sure that the site is a safe place for everyone. He has health and safety certificates which help him carry out this aspect of his job. His other main responsibility is the catering system within the college. He ensures that its finances break even each year and that it operates safely and hygienically. Two years ago the catering system was facing a £30,000 loss a year. What john did to was put a shop in one of the old classrooms and give the students a better choice for their snacks and food menu choices. Since then the college started to have an increase in profit and John used the profit made to reinvest into new equipment for the kitchen. Finally John looks after most of the support staff in the college. Those who do not teach such as technicians, caretakers, cleaners and finance staff.
The skills, qualifications and personal qualities which are required for a job like John’s is that you need formal experience in an educational and business environment where you are dealing with finances and buildings. The furthest qualification you need is A levels, although a degree is not really necessary as experience is more important and also it is essential that you are good at understanding numbers.

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