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To: Professor Thomas Boam

From: Kelvin Richards, Lane Johnson, Stephanie Jordan, Brittany Williams, Lesley Chubick

Date: August 9, 2013

Subject: Founders of Sage Global Technologies

The foundation of a good company starts with a great idea, and it’s leaders. Sage Global Technologies has filled both of these needs when venturing into the technology world to fulfill the consumer’s needs. The backbone of Sage Global Technologies starts with the leaders that make, and run, the company. To show what the company is made up of this memo will outline the participants of this project with a description of their abilities,
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Stephanie Jordan has over 18 years of experience implementing quality management systems and process improvement support. She has specialized experience with a variety of quality assurance methodologies and organizational change management and facilitation. Stephanie’s strengths consist of being analytical and systematic, readily accepts authority, forward looking and a quick thinker. Stephanie’s challenges show she spots others weaknesses but not her own and
will lose interest quickly if the challenge diminishes.

Brittany Williams has the ability to multitask and make quick decisions when directing a team of personnel that assists more than 300 patients daily. She is always prepared for change and new opportunities. Brittany strengths consist of her ability to read non-verbal signs effectively, not easily ruffled or flustered, 
looks for harmony in every situation and usually weighs up all relevant factors before reaching decisions. Brittany challenges are tendency to focus upon past failures rather than significant successes and usually takes rejection personally.

Lastly Lesley Chubick is a quality-driven individual with 19 years in handling accounting systems, finance and operations. Over this time he supervised 12 personnel providing human resources and administrative functions. Duties consisted of reviewing interim and year-end financial statements to determine correctional steps. Lesley’s strengths are that he is a pragmatic rational thinker, an

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