Business- to- Business Messages Essay

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March 8, 2012
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Business-To-Business Message
In today' fast evolving business world, individuals and companies are using electronic communication to transact business with one another more than ever. What is more with the rise of digital technologies in electronic communication, businesses have opened the proverbial door to larger international customer base transactions. As companies, organizations, and individuals seek to increase annual business revenue, the way that they communicate has become the focus for targeting business to customer (B2C) and business- to- business (B2B) relationships. Because companies are beginning to compete aggressively for growing online e-commerce, business
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By e-mailing the importance of proper information written on the mail, ABC executives are attempting to decrease the large number of mis-delivered and returned mail resulting from incomplete required company information written on the incoming mail. Because the ABC Corporation is not the only group that receives mail in the building, employees who are sending mail back to the business must include company name, employee name, building number, and suite number for easy identification. Additionally, in the effort to save money, ABC Corp. executives want employees to start using the adhesive tape stripe on the large envelopes instead of using company tape.
Sender: The sender of this message is the business finance manager of the ABC Corporation
Receiver: The messages recipients are the employees who have any tasks relating to sending or receiving ABC company mail.
Technology: The tool used to send the message is the e-messaging via the World Wide Web
Noise: The noise that hinders the recipients’ ability to comprehend the sent e-mail message is the length of information provided. The purpose of an e-mailing is quick and the point messaging.
Feedback: The message contained no employee feedback
Business -to -Business

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