Business To Customer Business (B2C) Vs. Business To Business

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The Business to Customer (or B2C) and the Business to Business (or B2B) business models are both models that a business can adopt. Their titles are self-explanatory: Business to Customer businesses sell their products directly to customers, and Business to Business businesses sell their products to other businesses. Although this is the most obvious of their differences, they have other significant differences that must also be discussed. Business to Business and Business to Customer businesses also have similarities that will be discussed. Business to Customer businesses, as previously mentioned, sell their products directly to the customer. Kutz (2016) states that “[Business to Customer] is a synonym for the selling process considered from the point of view of the supplier” (p. 62) because “normally the selling partner is a business organization, [and] the buying partner is a single person” (p. 62). Neither of these are absolute, however: for example, a group of people could be the buying partner. The sales/purchasing process for a Business to Customer business has seven steps: “the information step, the initiation step, the contract conclusion step, the delivery/fulfilment step, the billing/invoicing step, the service/support step, and the communication/tracking & tracing step” (Kutz, 2016, p. 64-76). The information step involves the customer either knowing or not knowing the product/service they want, and knowing or not knowing the supplier they want. For example, if they know the product/service they want as well as the supplier they want, a customer can go directly to the …show more content…
Dunne (2011) states that the similarities are that “both require a sales process, alignment with marketing, and excellent customer

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