Business-to-Business Messages Essay

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Business-to-Business Messages
Today digital or electronic communication makes up a great deal of world’s communication. The reasons behind that leap from written and hardcopy to softcopy communications has to do with technological advances and the speed in which individuals and businesses can now communicate accurately. The electronic media that surrounds the average consumer consists of television commercials, e-mail advertisements, Internet stores, paying bills and banking online, blogs, social sites, business ventures, and many other forms of electronic communication are taking over the way the world communicates. This paper will discuss E-mails importance, present three business-to-business messages taken from the text-book, analyze
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Tom has covered aspects, personal and professional, affected by this issue; as there were concerns about cigarette butts being scattered around the entrances of the workplace building. These concerns were considered early by employees as they surely indicate an undesired customer impression.
Tone used in this message was appropriate, positive and conversational. The sender tried to explain and educate, elaborated main objectives before raising expected action; and most importantly avoided the belligerent tone, which mostly fail to come up with positive feedback in such a situation. To ensure completeness, the sender has also provided solutions such as setting up a special program to assist any employee would like help to stop smoking. In addition, pledged to keep all inquiries concerning that program confidential; to close on sensitivity issues may be arisen in workplace and obtain seriousness within employees.
Analyzing message on customer surveys
This message was submitted as a short report that reviews present offering of distinctive products, services, and systems as described in a collected customer surveys. The report was broke down into three main areas: future customer desire, current customer perceptions and recommendations. Detailed the first one with four objectives and illustrated with mechanisms for each in bullet points/point. With fair understandings of customer

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