Business Strategy Game Essay

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Elite Feet Manager’s Report
June 25, 2013

Introduction This manager’s report provides a financial performance review of the business operations for athletic footwear industry’s Elite Feet for production Years 11 through 18. Included in the report are trends in company’s annual total revenues, earnings per share (EPS), return on equity (ROE), credit rating, stock price and image rating. Additionally reported are the strategic vision for the company, performance targets for the aforementioned production years plus the next two years, the company’s competitive strategy as well as production strategy, finance strategy and dividend policy. Also discussed is a look at the company’s closest competitors and the actions that could be
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We will limit model types to 100 styles or less to focus on a differentiation strategy.
We strive to be an upper class of socially and environmentally responsible team players who demands accountability from every member of our corporate family while keeping these team member’s best interests and needs as a top priority. In keeping with our strategic vision, whenever financially possible, we will utilize “green” footwear materials, recycled boxing/packaging, and energy efficiency initiatives. We will spend at least $150K for each plant for training and development/enforcement of a code of ethics for all employees. By offering initiatives to achieve and maintain workforce diversity concerning age, sex, ethnicity, and other factors, we will incur additional administrative expenses of $500K minimum for testing, screening and hiring employees.
We are an elite-minded group of people with brilliant hearts.
Industry and Competitive Scan
Competitive Forces Analysis: * The footwear industry has a very strong competitive rivalry force due to the consolidated nature of the industry which offers the same type of products with variations only in styling, price and availability. * Since there are no real alternatives for replacing athletic shoes, there is a weak force for substitutes in this industry. * Suppliers represent a strong force inasmuch as they can increase their prices due to limited supplier availability that are capable

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