Business Skills : Management, Staff, Faculty, And Faculty Essay

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AOE 's Competencies
Business Skills – Management, staff, faculty, as well as students must have exposure to relevant information related to the University; this includes Human Resources for staff and faculty, and Student Affairs for students as well as other pertinent offices and other on campus resources.
Interpersonal Skills - This is especially essential for ensuring employees have access to knowledge sharing networks and open communication with expert knowledge and tools to work efficient and effective
Personal Skills – L&D professionals must stay abreast of new technologies and capabilities of Internet as it relates to speed, storage capacity, and functionality, in order to meet needs of workforce, which also includes personal development and skills in advance electronic and social learning technologies
Global Mindset – GTU has a global and diverse student and faculty population; therefore, must ensure that L&D maintain a culture of strong learning that is aligned to universities goals and mission for this population.
Technology Literacy: GTU currently provide formal and informal training for staff that is timely and relevant to current positions. Competency levels met ensure information is available when needed, and is performance-centered and continuous. Learning is experiential and administered using digital library resources, learning management repositories with employee handbooks, software updates to keep current in skill set. The use of technology also…

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