Business Service Planning Essay

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MSc Health and Social Care Management

Strategic Business and Service Planning

Business plan for an Old Age Care Home in UK

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction 3 1.1 Setting the Objective 3 2. Market Analysis 5 3. Market Strategy Plan 8 4. Operational Plan 12 5. Current and Future Financial Plan 13 6. Ownership and Commitment 14 7. Future Scenario 15 8. Conclusion 16 References 18 Self Assessment Form 21

1. Introduction

In developed nations like the UK and Japan, there is an exponentially growing need of care and nursing homes for the elderly. This is because UK and
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Most old age centres run it as a profitable business where people with money can get all the facilities, live with likeminded and like aged people, indulge in some hobby based and earning based activities and spend their time wisely (Borg et al, 2006).
But this old age care home with the name of “2nd Innings Care and Nursing home” is an ideal place to feel like a home away from the real home. The sole motto is to provide as personal attention as possible to the elderly so that their retirement age and the very difficult last few years can be comfortably lead with love, affection, care, facilities and joy. The culture at the old care home is very people oriented which places the elderly at the locus of everything. Unlike other old age homes which work professionally and have very strict rules for stay, meets, outings, medical help, etc, 2nd Innings has developed and cultivated all the facilities around its residents (Slater et al, 2011).
In developing the service business in health and social care is it utmost important to visualize and write down the mission and vision statement. A vision statement is a very powerful one liner about the company and communicates to all internal and external stakeholders what the company wishes to

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