Essay about Business Research Tulsa’s Central Business District

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The Metropolitan Tulsa Chamber of Commerce had noticed required timely information about Tulsa’s Central Business District for investment decisions

One of the research projects was a survey of chief executives of business firms to gather information about the number of employees working their, their salary distributions and proposed future investments

For this purpose, a mail survey was carried out, which also included a questionnaire

A stratified sampling technique was followed, keeping in mind the greater impact of larger firms

Of the 372 questionnaires sent out, 219 were filled out and returned, constituting a 61% response rate

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The respondents will be asked to indicate the degree of agreement/disagreement with the statements focusing on perceptions as well as the importance they attach to each of these statements. The final scores which are calculated can be used for data analysis.

Part 3: Sampling Design.
For Exploratory Phase

Target population: Executives of firms in the CBD, Officials of the Metropolitan Tulsa Chamber of Commerce. • Sampling Framework: Information gleaned from the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission. Consultations with Metropolitan Tulsa Chamber of Commerce. List for second stratum of firms from Polk’s City of Tulsa Directory • Sampling method: Non-probability method (Stratified Sampling) for identification of large firms Systematic Random Sampling of firms in second stratum. • Sample Size: Small sample < 20 (a mix of respondents including officials of Chamber of Commerce) • Stratum 1: 154 – Two parts: Key Firms 40 and Other Major Firms 114 • Stratum 2: 218 (Random Sample for selecting second stratum of firms)

For Descriptive Phase
Target population: Chief Executives of business firms in the CBD (Central Business District) & other business districts

Sampling Framework: Database of employees in various firms who responded & and the telephone of firms that did not respond

Sampling method: Stratified Sampling consisting of two strata • Sample Size: 219 (Firms

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