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Student Loan Crisis Research Paper
Debt, Education finance, Higher education

By sympathys
Jun 11, 2013
1348 Words
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And it's no wonder students are feeling the pinch, when one understands the diminishing role federal grants have in

providing education dollars for today's students. "Today a federal Pell Grant covers only about one-third of what it costs for a

public four-year college in-state," says Lauren Asher, president of The Institute for College Access and Success in California. "In the 1980s it covered about half; in the 1970s it covered more than 70 percent." (Abramson).

The reality is that for young people today, it is harder to educate one's way into the middle class, and college costs are

leaving many in this generation without the credentials they need to thrive in the 21st century economy. One

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Debt, Education finance, Higher education, Loan, Student debt, Student loan, Tax, University
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