Business Report - Qantas Human Resources Essay

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Executive summary: Effective human resources are to benefit and manage the relationship between employer and employee. There are eight strategies that can help the relationship of the employer to employee to increase the chance of a better business. In this report i will be explaining three strategies use,. Job design, Leadership styles and workplace dispute. With Qantas as an example to understand these strategies properly.

Human resources management strategies of Qantas Airlines can involve:
Workplace dispute: is a disagreement over an issue or group of issues between an employer and its employees, which result in employees ceasing work.
Qantas has had a series of disputes with Transport workers unions since the end of 2010 till
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They feel over powered and do not appreciate the constant supervision of their work. Employees want their managers who are open and have honest opinions in their communications, to encourage listen and support, and demonstrate integrity in managing the business. Three of the top leadership styles that managers should be using are Directive: emphasis on immediate compliance from employees. Visionary – emphasis on long term and leadership. Coaching – emphasis on the personal growth of employees.
The CEO executive Alan Joyce has used this strategy in 2011 he claimed that the airline Jetstar Asia should pay Asian rates since it’s an Asian airline working in an Asian environment. This also makes competition to other competitors as more pilots would want to work for Qantas due to the Asian pay rates rises.

Job Design – is the process of designing the content of a job and how it will interact with other jobs and employees so as to motivate and retain an employee and achieve the business goals.
A job design depends on a job analysis. A job analysis is an ongoing process which is a detailed analysis of all the tasks, responsibilities, personal attributes and reporting relationships needed in a position. Common job design methods in a business are flexible work structures. Flexible work structures has the advantage of more motivated employees as more personal needs are being met and

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