Business Report On Business Management Essay

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According to the House of Commons Library, Business Statistics Briefing Paper there are more than five million businesses in the UK . Employment opportunities in this sector can be represented by two main areas: business management and consultancy.
Choosing to work in one of these areas doesn’t mean restricting only to the business sector, whereas most organisations require managers and consultants in order to succeed. So, there are many job opportunities to choose from.
Business managers typically hold specific responsibilities for a particular area, such as marketing, human resources, strategy planning and information technology (IT).
Meanwhile, consultants offer advice to organisations to help them solve problems and increase performance. Firms can be general, specialised in strategy or offering advice to a specific industry, such as: finance, human resources, IT, marketing, media or public relations (PR).
The majority of large companies across all sectors recruit graduates to business management. In this capacity, working within the public sector, for employers such as the Civil Service, the National Health Service (NHS) and local government, could be a good start.
When it comes to consultancy, large companies, particularly those in the financial sector, offer a variety of opportunities. The Times ' list of the Top 100 Graduate Employers states that companies such as Accenture, McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group, Newton Europe and Bain & Company are the top…

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