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Value Added Tax is one of the most important sources of tax revenues in Bangladesh. Since its introduction in 1991, VAT is one of the most effective and efficient tools in resource mobilization. Value Added Tax has emerged as a principal instrument of taxing domestic consumption world wide during last four decades. It is now in operation in more than 130 Countries. Value added tax is a primary source of tax revenue in many European and other developed countries. Its importance is also increasing in the developing countries because of its effectiveness in mobilizing local resources. VAT proves to be an efficient tool for revenue collection; its performance, therefore, has direct impact on fiscal mobilization, macroeconomic
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i) Primary Sources: A lots of the required information came from primary sources. These sources are -

• Practical desk work • Relevant file study as provided by the concerned officer • In depth study of selected cases. • Maintaining diary.

ii) Secondary sources: Conceptual parts of the report have been collected by studying different literatures regarding credit appraisal system. Some of these secondary sources are:

• Different Circulars issued by the VAT and Customs Authority. • Different manuals published by National Board of Revenue. • From the website of National Board of Revenue. • Newspaper information on several days. • Tax Reports. • Relevant books, Newspapers and Journals.

B. Analysis of Data: Some arithmetic and graphical tools are used in this report for analyzing the collected data and to classifying those to interpret them clearly.

Limitations of the study

• The study does not cover practical example because of confidentiality the VAT and Customs did not provide actual information.. • It is very difficult to analyze this issue without proper knowledge about VAT and Customs Administration. • As it is not conventional so it bears some complexity to understand. • Some words are in legal terms that make it difficult. • It is time

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