Business Profile Of Alibaba

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Company Profile
Alibaba is an e-commerce giant, the largest in world to be exact, with 80% of China’s marketplace and available internationally, making this company one of the top most valuable tech companies in the world, ahead of big names like Facebook, IBM, and Samsung (Profile). In April 4, 1999, Ma Yu, also known as Jack Ma, founded Alibaba, with a vision to serve a non-existed market at that time in China, Alibaba was created to help facilitate the connection between merchants and customers, furthermore, Mr. Ma inspired millions of people to open their own business and grow China’s economy. Alibaba group has three main sites: Taobao, Tmall, and, which combined have hundred of millions of users and merchants, creating transactions
…show more content… works with customers at a wholesale level, using manufactures and distributers in China and other manufacture countries to trade with buyers and suppliers around the world. Customers at are everyday shoppers, with over a million products; shoppers can easily find anything they desire. Taobao is currently the No. 1 e-commerce mobile app in China, created for consumers with an on-the-go lifestyle. Alibaba also offers an option for those premium consumers, with; shoppers can find high end products with top branded merchandise. Alibaba has done a tremendous job serving every consumer’s needs, at any level, from wholesales with, to travel booking with Alitrip, to watch online videos with Youku, Alibaba Group made sure to take online services by the storm and dominate China’s e-commerce. Overall, the ultimate costumer is anyone one with access to the …show more content…
So what are exactly Alibaba’s strengths and weaknesses? What are the opportunities available for the company and how do they deal with threats?(SWOT)
- The largest e-commerce in the world with three main sites,,, and Alibaba have thousands of active users with millions of products available. Revenues topped Amazon and eBay combined.

- Offers a wide ecosystem for all participants. Alibaba has a rich variety of services from financial services Ant Financial, to cloud services with Alibaba Cloud Computing, to China Smart Logistics a logistics information platform.
- Market capitalization, raising $25 billion on its IPO becoming one of the most valuable tech companies.
- China mobile commerce market, with a dominant 80% of the

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