Business Practices And Strategic Plans Essay

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“More and more institutions are operating programs and campuses in overseas locations.
What are the advantages/ disadvantages of such endeavors, particularly in relation to the mission of the institution?

The surge with colleges and universities in the U.S. operating overseas campuses continues to increase. For decades, the growing demands of higher education has fueled the interest of higher education institutions across the world to internationalize programs studies currently offered at main campuses. The term internationalization has been used since the 1980 to indicate “process of integrating an international, intercultural, and global dimensions into the purpose, functions (teaching, research, services) and the delivery of post-secondary education” (Knight, 2003 p.2) Institutions must remain competitive and afloat of ‘higher education” trends and practices. Innovative business practices and strategic plans, supporting the mission statements of colleges and universities with importing and exporting “high quality” education overseas campuses are becoming more and more prevalent at both two and four year institutions.
Ideally the advantages behind the wide spread of universities operating oversea not only perpetuates higher education opportunities for those countries with limited access, but influence evolving revenue sources, cultural awareness, and research studies cultivating institutional mission. Worldwide institutions envision becoming relevant in the inner…

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