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March 2011

BBC Strategic Review
Candidate; 668850,

Executive Summary

The BBC operates in a market where competitors are continuously striving to increase their revenue and market share. It is essential that within this current climate, the organisation adapts their strategies to the internal and external demands of the constantly changing environment to secure their financial position for the future.
This report has been designed to provide an in depth strategic analysis of the internal and external environments the BBC operates in. Our internal analysis has demonstrated that BBC has high levels of turnover but the gearing level has also been rising. To counteract this it has been recommended that the BBC can exploit
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1.1 Report objectives

The objective of this report is to analyse the BBC and its environment- looking at the current strategies to then make a proposal of strategic options for developing BBC’s overall strategic position and improving its performance.
The report will recommend strategies for the BBC to implement as well as recommending how to manage the change to

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