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A Business Plan
Weddding World

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Table of Contents Cover letter 4 Executive Summary 6 Sec 2: Company Background 8 Vision 8 Mission 8 Business Model 9 Strategy 10 Short Term objective: 10 Long Term objectives: 10 Formation 10 Partnership Agreement 11 Strategic Relationship: 12 Intellectual Property: 12 logo: 12 Accounting and legal 13 Accounting: 13 Legal: 13 Insurance Coverage : 13 Security 14 SWOT Analysis 15 Strengths 15 Weakness 16 Opportunities 16 Threats 17 Section 3 : Management Team 18 Organization Chart 18 Current & Proposed Executives 20 Projected Salary 20 Section 4: Financial Plan 21 Financial Goals : 21 Summary of Financial
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I am requesting you to invest in our wedding mall which will be a promising investment field for your bank.

Besides many other promising business areas of Bangladesh we came up with this new idea because ours will be the first ever wedding mall in Bangladesh.

The market for this business is highly profitable because wedding is such a occasion which take place almost whole year. We will provide all wedding products under one roof. So the customers will come here to save their time and effort. Moreover now a days wedding ceremonies are taking place in huge manner. People are spending lots of money for weddings. It’s like a new trend in our country. Our target market is bride and groom. But in our country other family members are more likely to do the shopping for them. So middle aged married women are also our potential customer. Other family members also seems to buy clothes and other stuff for the wedding so along with bridal and groom product we will also provide products for other customers as well.

In this field we will have no potential competitors because this is fully a new business area. But we can’t ignore some famous bridal stores like Vasaavi, Mansha which are not wedding malls but provide only bridal dresses and well known for their products. In future we can face huge competition because many others can come up with wedding mall business following our idea But we have developed a very high competitive strategy to deal with

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