Business Plan Essay

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Business plan:

Blenz is a Canadian coffee company. The first Blenz coffee shop was opened in 1992 in Vancouver on the corner of Robson and Bute Street. Blenz has since grown to over 60 locations across British Columbia, Japan and the Philippines. Currently Blenz is planning to move into a new market providing affordable fresh coffee and other beverages to people every day.

Blenz Coffee has simple philosophy: use premium ingredients in beverages while striving to make each customer’s day better. Blenz coffee makes sure that costumer leave the store in a happier mood than when they arrived.
Each drink is made just for Customer. Blenz coffee expert baristas individually prepare drinks with a personal
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They have an understanding that premium drinks should only be made from premium ingredients.
Blenz café is different than other coffee shops as they bring in the best ingredients from around the world. Blenz has organic whole-leaf teas from different corners of the globe. Their hot chocolate comes right from Belgium, and there is no syrup or powder used. Blenz also has 100 % authentic Japanese matcha green tea powder. Quality ingredients go beyond just the drinks. They also offer a delicious selection of baked goods that are also made from premium ingredients.
Blenz’s extensive menu has everything from protein shakes to flavored lattes and other specialty drinks that you can exclusively get from Blenz. They are continuously formulating to provide beverages that customers can’t find anywhere else.
Blenz café store Support center
Blenz’s unique ability is they provide tools and assistance needed to run a new Blenz coffee shop. Blenz gives you access to Store Support Centre which is comprised of a team of dedicated staff to make the brand successful. This begins with their support with their real estate professional to find a suitable location that would be difficult to secure as an independent entrepreneur. They also offer comprehensive training programs to get started and ongoing support to be on track with trends, promotions etc. Blenz also has an advanced marketing department, who works hard to attract new customers, keep customers coming

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