Business Plan for an Aviation Company Essay examples

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1. Company’s profile

JetStream Aero Services (JAS) is a newly set up aerospace company dedicated to providing small aircraft modification, assembly and maintenance services in South East Asia. JAS will have its first maintenance plant at Seletar Airport (Singapore) and aimed to start operations by 2010. Singapore is chosen due to its strategic location and it is a major hub in aerospace maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) in Asia Pacific.
As JAS is relatively a new company, the management aims to enter the South East Asia market by focusing on small business aircrafts in the first few years of operations. Other areas would be looked into further once JAS has established its brand name and services.
JAS is also proud to be
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3. Company’s organization structure

A good organizational structure is vital to any company as the survivability of the company falls entirely on its employees. It would be important for the management of JAS to carefully plan and manage its organization structure before the start of operations.
There are three main basic functional organization structures that are in used in today’s company, these include:

(Fig 2: Functional organizational Structure)

(Fig 3: Matrix organizational Structure)

(Fig 4: Dedicated organizational Structure)

All three structures depicted above have its own advantages and disadvantages and not every structure are suitable for all companies. Adequate considerations and factors would need to be considered first before any decisions are to be made.
After much consideration, the management has decided to use Matrix structure as the basis of JAS operations. The organization structure is shown on the next page.


Considering the business nature of JAS, besides carrying out MRO services on small business jets, there are two other core activities that the management would need to consider. These two core activities include the manufacturing of the Diamond DA42 aircraft and also the designing and manufacturing of the JetStream Flyer trainer aircraft.
The business organization of JAS would be broken down into the following main departments: *

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