Business Plan: Transportation Essay example

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United Transportation Table of Contents
I. Table of Contents 2
II. Executive Summary 3
III. Company Overview 4
IV. Marketing Analysis.. 6
V. Marketing and Sales Plan 7
VI. Operations Segment 12
VII. Management Segment 13
VIII. Funds Required 14
Executive Summary
United Transportation offers premier transportation services throughout the metro Detroit Area. Our company will provide personal transportation to all individuals but will focus on non-emergency medical transportation. There is a need for quality transportation services for non-emergency medical cliental in our area. Our intention is to provide those services to clients and built a professional business that will expand based on our quality of professionalism and
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It will be difficult initially to gain their trust, but not as hard as it may seem due to poor work of other transportation companies.
Another barrier that may arise is finding quality individuals who we will hire. The reason this is most difficult and a large concern of mine is because we will only have a few drivers and because we are customer service, they will be the sole representation of our company. Basically we need to find someone who we trust with the foundation of our business in their hands.
We will overcome the first barrier simply by getting our name out and about in the different companies. Most of our advertising will be by word of mouth; we will start small and build our way up through a good reputation. I believe this is the most solid way to build a good strong reputation as well as cliental. Any company can pay for advertising;it takes a good company to build a solid reputation through word of mouth.
Technological changes can only benefit our company. Transportation is a service based industry that can’t be taken over by technology, but can only be enhanced. They aren’t any current potential regulations that are being discussed involving our company. The only changes I foresee that could negatively affect our company are regulations regarding our drivers; different certifications such as CPR and so forth. These potential regulations will not be a threat to our

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