Business Plan For A Business Essay

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Not all business succeeds but some business do. So what 's they difference.
To learn more about it, I embarked on a business venture with a business idea of mine, TaskTeens.

To raise awareness of my business to the general public, I have created a business profile on which I highlight important informations on the business including business description, ownership structure, trends that we are responding to as well as our mission statement and objectives.

TaskTeens will be responding to the downwards fall of long term, youth employment as well as the population 's want for a larger, leisure time. TaskTeens is an online company providing work opportunities for teenagers and hiring suggestions for adults servicing in the Padua Precinct of Brisbane, Australia. It is a solo trading business, which signifies that I will operate on my own independently, being the sole owner of the business. TaskTeens has chosen to become a sole trading business as it has a simple business structure and is easy to establish as well as for other benefits seen on the board.
The odd job market is currently untapped, creating many difficulties for both teenagers and adults requiring assistance. We will be offering the services for tasks including lawn mowing, babysitting, dog walking, car washing as well as other specific tasks; customized by adults users.
Our mission statements is:
"To provide a local solution for the growing needs of our modern society."
To support our mission, we have the…

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