Business Plan For A Business Essay

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A question business owners will repeatedly answer as their business grow and develop is, “Should a product or service be added to their offerings?” Before undertaking any project the true profitability of the product or service must be calculated. If the benefits outweigh the cost then the owner must decide how to finance the addition. This paper will evaluate three article relating to obtaining loans in the areas of credit worthiness (Henning, 2016) cost benefit analysis-(Rudegeair, 2016) and industry lending- (Wilson & Durisin, 2016).The three articles reviewed relate to the real cost of business financing and the ability to obtain loans. For small businesses and entrepreneurs obtaining capital to operate a business may require obtaining funding from a traditional or non-traditional lender. Before agreeing to the terms and conditions of a loan a business owner should consider how the cost of the loan will affect the business.

CREDITWORTHINESS The overall purpose of the article was to discourage business owners from being deceptive during the loan process. The main theme of the article was to inform readers that being deceptive can lead to fraud. The owner and several employees of American Realty Capital Partner were indicated by the SEC for committing fraud. Henning (2016),Lisa P. McAlister, Chief Accounting officer “The charges against her claim that she and Mr. Block later met in his office to enter false numbers into a spreadsheet used to report results in the…

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