Business Plan For A Business Essay examples

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A business plan is a written document or a statement that states the goals of the companies and the progress of how the goals are going to be accomplished. Plan of activities includes the why, what and when questions to come up with a solid plan that will turn into a business (Salman, 2008).
Plan of activities serves the following purpose: (1) it acts a directive, plan of activities helps in identifying how far you want to take the business and you achievement at the end, (2) business plan gives principles and structures to your idea, which ensures that all the components are included in the business,(3) it helps one to have perspective of the future, a business plan helps one to know what to do, when the business has picked up and how to deal with the competitors, therefore, it develops a long term idea and (4) plan of activities aid you communication to sponsors, clients, staff and suppliers, a well-structured business plan will enable your business to reach out to many clients from any place in the world and the feedback can help you develop an outstanding business ( Salman, 2008 and Yashio, 2012).
Elements of business plan
Description of a business
This element covers the description of the name of the firm; the mission of the business, which is the feature in your business, the services of the company is it, a wholesaler, retailer or a shop for providing services. The legal structure of the business is it a partnership kind of business, single owned or group of…

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