Business Plan: Commercial Production of Sunflower Essay

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MAY, 2012

TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS II LIST OF TABLES IV LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS V EXECUTIVE SUMMARY VI INTRODUCTION 1 1.1 Name of the project 1 1.2 legality of the group 1 1.3 Objectives of the project 1 2.0 ECONOMIC ASPECTS 2 2.1 Sunflower cultivation in Tanzania 2 2.2 Contribution of the business enterprise to development objectives 2 2.2.1 Contribution to export earnings. 3 2.2.2 Employment creation 3 2.2.3 Assist in technology transfer 3 2.2.4 Improvement of nutrition 4 3.0 TECHNICAL ASPECTS 4 3.1 Project location 4 3.2 Modalities of production 4 3.3 Requisite land, civil works, equipment, implement and
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* To offer employment opportunities not only to our selves (project managers) but also to other people residing around the business location.


2.1 Sunflower cultivation in Tanzania
Sunflower (helianthus annus) is an annual oil crop, which is grown its seeds. The seeds are crushed or expelled to release edible oils, fats, soap stock and the protein-rich press cake, which are the primary products. In Tanzania, these sunflower oil offers the following range of opportunities; * Manual processing near the farm gate as a small scale enterprises and home utilization of the co-products the edible oil is consumed in food for body energy; the protein-rich cake is fed to cattle for increased body weight and milk production. * The surplus of sunflower is sold to the domestic crushing and refining industries. * The sale of high-grade surplus for export to the confectionery industries in the industrialized nations.
Despite these range of opportunities, cultivation of sunflower in Tanzania has been for a long time undertaken by smallholder farmers, while the national requirements for edible oils and protein cakes is extremely high. To make full use of those opportunities medium to large-scale cultivation of the crops need to be put in place.

2.2 Contribution of the business enterprise to development objectives
The aim of the

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