Business Ownership : Ownership, Corporation, And Partnership Essay

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Business ownership refers to having control over a business enterprise and exercising this power by dictating its operations, functioning, and management. Ownership can be acquired either through franchising or purchasing an existing business. There are three types of business ownership, namely sole proprietorship, corporation, and partnership. A single entrepreneur can own several businesses under different types of ownership. However, a single business cannot take a different form. Each type of ownership is best for a particular situation or purpose, for example in respect to liability, capital, and the ability to control profit and loss accounts. Therefore, the dynamics of commercial business lies in understanding the three types of business ownership as well as their formation, characteristics, and merits and demerits.
Sole Proprietorship
Sole proprietorship refers to a situation when a business is owned by one person. It is normally the simplest way to initiate a business since the sole proprietor is fully responsible for all the activities and operations. In addition, he or she is responsible for all the obligations and debts related to the business. Therefore, all the profits go either to the sole proprietor or are injected back in to the business as investment. It is characterized by unlimited liability, which means that a creditor with a claim against the proprietor has the right to claim his personal or business assets. Sole proprietorship is the most common type…

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