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Small Business Owners:

Small Business
Cherie Hembree

After doing a lot of research and reading different articles. I have come to the conclusion that a lot of businesses make the same mistakes, they try rushing everything. You can survive your mistakes and tuen then into great learning tools and turn things possive for your business, instead of your business being a failure.I will be telling you some of the most common mistakes that are made . Ways to learn and remendy the problems.

Enpretrenuers and Small Businesses Owners
I read just a few articles on mistakes and failures .I found out a lot of small business owners and enpretrenures make a lot of the same common mistakes. Usually this happens when they are trying
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By not setting up a business account can cause a big accounting mess.

Thridly there is outside distractions. Never let personal matters take an impac on the mood your in or your productivey. This is espeacially important if you are partners with someone else. It can be a big impact on your business and hurt your business in the long run.

So don’t sit there and sulk over your losses. Make them a learning lesson and an experience. You need to get back on track as soon as you can. Open a business account, and do a lot more reseach on companies that make the product you want to sale. And leave theoutside distractions at home.

Mistakes and Failures are bound to happen to anyone wanting to open a business. And they can cause a minor setback, however you can turn things around quickly by learning what or where you went wrong.

So inclusion after reading some articles bout mistakes and failures in small business. There seems to be serveral patterns of making mistakes and failures when opening small businesses. Takeing on to much debt seems to be a very popluar one for example. This happens by getting products from the wrong companies . which happens by lack of research. Also by pricing products to high or to low for demand. So early in business you need to speard your risk . This way one mistake can’t doom your business early. Also come up with new ideas, ask outside opions and get back on track. This can you espeacillay if you can’t see

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