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The Sources of Entrepreneurial Opportunities: Individuals & the Environment

Doctoral Research Paper
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Nikolina Fuduric

Doctoral Supervisor: Professor Anne Lorentzen

February 2008
Department of Planning and Development
Aalborg University
Aalborg, Denmark


No extensive empirical study on the sources of entrepreneurial opportunities included the individual, the environment and the individual’s start-up activities in a post-socialist periphery. However, such layered approaches have been encouraged in theoretical studies of entrepreneurship. Bouchikhi (1993) claims that each approach taken
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The Kirznerian entrepreneur is considered to be a discoverer of opportunities, which are found in the environment because they arise from market disequilibria. This form of entrepreneurship is considered to be non-novel and not a major contributor to national economic well-being.

The sources for Schumpeterian opportunities have been so well-studied that the field has a typology for them. Schumpeterian opportunities can be found in technological changes, political/regulatory changes and socio-demographic changes (Schumpeter, 1934).[2] Kirznerian opportunities, on the other hand, have no such typology generally accepted by the field because it is believed that they are idiosyncratic – occurring at any time or place (Shane, 2003). According to researchers, Kirznerian opportunities emerge because of market disequilibria created by market errors or omissions that create surpluses and shortages.

Two questions regarding these generally accepted positions on the Kirznerian entrepreneur seem to stand out:

1) Are Kirznerian opportunities really that idiosyncratic or can they be mapped?

2) Does the Kirznerian entrepreneur only exhibit alert behavior or does he sometimes behave like a Schumpetarian and use creative impulses to influence economic shifts?

I hypothesize that the difficulty in identifying Kirznerian opportunities arises not because of its idiosyncratic nature but

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