Business Negotiation Essay

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Business Negotiation Case Study #1
Social Welfare
Son Na Young

Q1. Does Vinod Khosla have a real chance at changing Computervision’s decision? Does Sun have a better product? Can Sun be regarded as a reliable long- term vendor? The order that Computervision is requesting is too lareger for Sun to handle at the moment and the product is regarded as incomplete. Moreover, Sun has no striking reputation compared to Apollo. Since the contract between Computervision and Apollo, Sun's major competitor, has already been signed, Khosla has to persuade Computervision with their advantages as best as they could to get a chance to change their decision. Sun has the ability to widen their target customers and they need to appeal
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Specifically, what should he offer to Computervision? Sun is ready to follow the future trend of computing. Compared to Apollo, the things that are causing them to lack behind are money and time. In the industry, since there is a tight finance and management in the company revenue, it had failed to gain market share even though the technology is well-known in public. As a short term objective, Khosla must keep on growing the market shares in the educational institutes such as universities in order to strike their reputation in their field. As a long term objective, they should get the contract with Computervision and try to get into the OEM market. Sun should prove that in the near future, because of the people who have used their technology in universities would get accustomed to their product, they will be more willing to use Sun's machines rather than others. This way, the future of Sun may be much brighter than that of the Apollo's. Sun should appeal these strengths and offer Computervision with diverse customers since there will be many university students who may go abroad for their studies that could actually use Sun's machines. Also, Sun's technology is more cost effective than Apollo. Since Apollo has a public reputation, they have brand value which makes their machines costly. This does not exist in Sun and because of that, Sun is much more cost-efficient. Even more, Khosla can afford to adjust the price if Computervision is willing to

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