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Misconceptions and Clarifications on Issues Related to Humanae Vitae and the Reproductive "Health" Bill in Philippine Congress.

Rev. Fr. Gregory D. Gaston, STD

(This primer was written for Avenues, the Journal of San Carlos Seminary Graduate School of Theology. Copyright © 2008 by the author, a priest of the Archdiocese of Manila and Professor of the Graduate School of Theology of San Carlos Seminary in Makati City, Philippines. For related topics, please visit

| |(underlined texts come from the Reproductive Bill currently [August 2008] filed in
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| |
| |* European Pension Systems Set to Collapse. Low Fertility Blamed, in Friday Fax, May 4, 2000. |
| |* Underpopulation, Not Overpopulation, the Real Global Problem, in Washington Post, March 18, 2001. |
| |* Developed Nations Warned on Aging Crisis Time Bomb, in Manila Bulletin, Aug 30, 2001. |
| |* Have Three Babies to Sustain the Population, in Daily Telegraph, Dec. 12, 2003. |
| |* Asian Economies Desperate for Babies, in Daily News Express, Feb. 2, 2004. |
| |* Have More Babies, Say the Tories, in Daily Mail, September 22, 2003: "Women should have more babies to stave off|
| |the looming crisis of an ageing

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