Business Marketing Management Capstone Written Project Essay

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Step Ahead
Learning Center
Business Plan
April 2014

Xxxxxx Xxxxx

1000 W. 4th Ave.
Kennewick, WA 99336

The following document, solely for the purpose of information, is not a sale of securities from the company. The disclosure of information in this document is to be considered confidential. Step Ahead Learning Center owns this document. The reproduction of this document without the express written consent of the Step Ahead Learning Center will be punishable to the full extent of the law.
Table of Contents
A. Executive Summary 4
A.1 Business Identification 4
A.2 Mission, Goals and Objectives 5
A.3 Three Keys to Success 7
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To advocate collaboration among young children, increase comprehension in reading, writing, math, and technology, increase communication skills, broaden cultural views, increase moral reasoning, and foster growth of cognitive abilities.
5. To increase the level of personal responsibility of children in the community.
A.3 Three Keys to Success
The Learning Center anticipates success of goals and objectives through three key functions: hiring staff members that are the right fit, empowering staff to create devotion and a passion for excellence, and strong collaboration with various clientele.
Hiring exceptional staff members: Step Ahead Learning Center is an equal opportunity employer. The right employees will embrace the center’s mission, hold a degree in a field of study related to education, and embody strong communication skills with peers and young children.
Empowerment: This creates a high level of devotion and passion to strive for excellence. Every interaction with a child and every lesson presented, taught, or pursued by a staff member will be done with the highest goal in mind: integrating technology into a safe and inviting learning environment to increase comprehension of reading, writing, math, and technology concepts.
Collaborating and communicating with others: Staff will interact with a variety of clientele including by not limited to children, parents, school board members, funders, benefactors, and other partners or agencies providing support and

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