Business Manager: An Analysis Of Mr. Sales Manager

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Register to read the introduction… Sales: This is Mr. Sales Manager, sometimes they can see things in the inventory that we can’t see, so I wanted to see if there was anything out there for you.

Mr. Sales Manager: We only keep cars under 85,000 miles, so with that price point its going to be very difficult to find something for you. We have some inventory in the $12,000-$15,000 bracket

I’m already shaking my head no…

Mr. Sales: May I ask what’s your personal budget

Me: It’s actually irrelevant, I’ve budgeted $10,000 for a vehicle and that is the max I’m going to spend.

Mr. Sales: How much monthly payment can you afford?
Me: Well, if I’m only spending $10,000 and don’t plan on financing for more than 3 years, that should work out to about $300/month right?

Mr. Sales: right

I could tell by the look on his face he wasn’t getting the answers he was hoping for.

Mr. Sales Manager: Does it have to be an SUV? We have some full size cars and sedans in that price range.

Me: If I’m going to buy something today, it is going to be an SUV. I still have several options yet to explore and I’m convinced I’ll find what I want. However, if that does not pan out, then I will consider cars…but it won’t be today.

Mr. Sales Manager: (obviously surprised by my candid response, chuckles): Thank you for your
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Sales: (grasping at his last sliver of hope) Would you be interested in a crossover vehicle? We have a Dodge Caliber that would meet your requirements

Me: I’m not familiar with the Caliber, can you pull it up
I’m mildly disappointed that I allowed him to catch me off guard. But hey, I’m no motor head, I don’t know the specs and reviews on every car out there. Mr. Sales jumps at the opportunity. His enthusiasm returns as he searches for the car and talks it up.

Mr. Sales: This is one of our best sellers (blah, blah)….

Me: Do you have one on the lot we can physically look at?

We go outside and look at the vehicle. It’s roomy, and has some nice features. Mr. A asks if we can test drive it. Soon as I get in..I don’t like it. I let Mr. A drive first. While he’s driving, I’m on Edmunds and Kelly Blue Book to get some intel on this car. Personally I don’t like the way it “feels” from the inside. Mr. A pulls over for me to drive. I told him not to bother…if I don’t like to sit in the car, I’m not going to like driving the car!

We return to the dealer within 5 minutes. Mr. Sales sees us walking back through the glass. I think he knows by our quick return that it’s a “no”. A common sales tactic is positive affirmation questions and statements that lead you to agree. As we enter Mr. Sales greets us again and

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