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[pic] An Analysis of Cisco Systems by Steven Levchenko



I. Network Communications Industry Summary

a. Industry Profile b. Typical Industry Competitive Strategy c. Porter Model Evaluation d. Globalization of the Industry e. Importance of I/T to the Industry

II. The Cisco Company

a. Cisco Systems Company Profile b. Business Leaders c. Competitive Strategy Statement d. Market and Financial Performance e. Significance of Information Systems f. Strengths and Weaknesses of Cisco

III. Structured Analysis of Information Systems Use at Cisco Systems

a. Strategic Option Generator
b. Roles, Roles and
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Without further ado, allow us to take a look at the mine in which Cisco Systems has staked a claim.


a. Industry Profile

DEFINITION The most discernable root of the NetCom industry is the Communications industry itself, dealing simply with providing the means for people to communicate with each other. In NetCom, the word “Network” really implies [Computer] Network where a set of individual computers are physically linked together such that they are able to provide a means for successful human communication. To be clear, a “Computer” is merely the interface a human being has with the digital realm that can come in a variety of forms that go beyond the scope of this paper. The NetCom industry deals not only with the physical linkups (whether they are tethered to Earth via wires or not [i.e. Wireless]) between computers, but the interface-hardware and software assigned to each computer and intermediary device in any given network to make the linkup work. In fact, the vast majority of the NetCom industry’s product is rarely ever seen by users for they hide behind the guise of end-user applications such as Web Browsers, Text Chat and Conferencing software.
The demand for networking equipment comes from the rapid growth of the Internet (the largest working example of the NetCom industry’s product) and private company intranets. Such growth requires

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