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issues. Moreover, I deeply understood that an appropriate skills and knowledge of a manger will be mandatory to support the change of global mind-set, lead to effectively operate in a competitive global environment.

First of all, I had to have a deep understanding on global mind-set to help River Island to expand efficiently in Singapore. The political image of a country is vital in attracting foreign investment. Singapore’s effort to address this concern has successfully sculptured a clean and corruption-free image. Singapore’s efficient and transparent bureaucracy makes it an attractive destination for foreign investors, such as River Island. Thus, the cross-cultural knowledge attuned toward factual information and to develop the
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This will be an advantage to our company, as we will not have a language barrier (Buller, Kohls & Anderson. 2000).

Furthermore, we saw the cultural differences that exist between Great Britain and Singapore. Different perspectives in decision-making of workplace between two countries will be an issue to River Island. According to Schwartz (1999), Singapore has a high power distance compared to the United Kingdom. Singaporean has a strong value and adheres to a hierarchical relationship in society. The country has unequal relationships phenomenon between people, for instance, juniors are supposed to keep their opinions to themselves unless specifically and directly asked. To compare, UK is a society that believes that inequalities amongst people should be minimised, to get close to each other in their daily work relationship and fell equal, hence to have an efficiently workforce. Depending on Trompenaars (1996), Singapore is more a collectivistic society than individualistic. The concepts of group and harmony are more important than the individual. On the contrary, British are a highly individualistic and private people. Unquestionably, we can see Singaporean have a very different cultural phenomenon to compare to British. Therefore, we will need to deal with different cross-cultural issues such as differences values and attitudes, also to deal with the changing managerial perspectives.

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