Business Management : New Market, Saturated With Increasingly Advanced Products & Corporate Culture Within Their Respective Companies

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In a contemporary market, saturated with increasingly advanced products and ideas, business owners and managers will do well to ensure that their products and processes remain in the front of the innovation curve. Simply having an innovative idea, however, is insufficient in creating an atmosphere that encourages and breeds this kind of growth. Of utmost importance is ensuring that employees have the necessary tools, environment, and freedom to pursue endeavors that ultimately lead to innovation in their respective industries. Although innovation can occur at any time, under any number of circumstances, whether it be from necessity or ease, organizational processes and infrastructure can go a long way to help the process move forward. Three companies that are exceptionally good at innovating are Google, Tesla Motors, and Facebook; and they accomplish titanic innovations through the atmosphere and corporate culture within their respective companies. One may find difficulty trying to remember what the world was like before the tech-giant Google came along; providing information and technology in such a holistic way that the company’s name has become a verb. Google had humble enough beginnings, from operating a server-based, Boolean search engine at Stanford, to the precursor of the modern day search engine under the domain that many recognize today (Our History in Depth, n.d.). Nobody could have anticipated, however, that Google would grow to become the ubiquitous entity that…

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