Business Management At Sinclair Community College Essay example

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Completing a degree, whether it was an associates or bachelors, has always been important to me. This is because no matter what type of degree I decided to pursue, I would still be first the person in my family to go to college. Now don 't get me wrong, it 's a wonderful warm, fuzzy feeling to know that I 'll be the first person within my family to graduate with a degree. However with that being said, picking an actual degree program was another story. Let 's just say three degree changes later, I finally settled on Business Management at Sinclair Community College. As of right now, I 'm taking my final class at Sinclair Community College so I can graduate with my associates in the winter. In an effort to not lose anymore ' 'time ' ' (since it took me four years to get my associates), I decided to start classes at Franklin University. So when it came time to transfer all my credits and pick a major, I decided to major in Business Administration. There are many reasons why I wanted to earn a degree in Business Administration. For starters, I have always love the idea of owning my own business. Ever since I was little, I have always been looking for ways to create my own ' 'products ' ' and somehow sell them for a profit. Usually these products were a handmade type of good like cards and jewelry. So when I discovered Etsy in high school, I opened a shop and begin selling my items. Personally, I thought going into business versus going into art (which was one of the degree…

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