Business: Management and Swot Analysis Essay

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Risk review
MacVille cafes serve competitively priced, high quality coffee and gourmet food in a safe and comfortable café-style environment.
Macville aims to deliver our valued customers the very best café-going experience. In three years, the business will have established a presence across the Queensland and NSW, with the opening of additional cafes.
Macville desire to expand their operations in Queenland with the purchase and re-branding of the existing Hurley’s café in Toowoomba. Refer to our position which is Finance, Audit and Risk Management (FARM) committee, so we have responsibility to managing the risk of this take-over by doing these three stages of risk management task: 1. Review 2. Analyse and
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* Increasing of population effects to be crowded people in this area.
Technological (T) * Installing a water tank in court yard for the café to use is better than old system. * Internet is very important to people nowadays, so providing customer with WIFI is the interesting way to attractive more customer. * Video streaming and teleconferencing should be used in our company by using Federal Government’s National Broadband Network.
SWOT analysis
Strength (S) * Shop is located at the good position which is at central, highly visible and easy to access. * This shop can get the company branded supplies through as quickly as a CBD Brisbane store could. * There is one qualified chef who developed an innovative and popular wraps which is unique.
Weakness (W) * The long drive from Toowoomba to Brisbane would make attending the weekly managers meeting difficult. Also the road way is quiet difficult to drive even in daylight hours. * It takes two hour to delivery fresh pastry from company’s central bakery plant affecting to the quality of food and they cannot be arrived before morning rush time. * There is no policy and procedures manual for old business. * The same staff member that complete the cash register balancing also doing the banking. * The banking was not done every day and often $4000 was kept on premises overnight without any safe. * There is no

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