Essay on Business Management : A Business

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Opening a business has not been an impossible task in the past years. In certain markets starting up a business and growing it is much easier, in comparison. However, a lot of these new launched businesses fail in the long run. Now, it can be due to financial difficulties, high level of competition, poor business management strategy etc.

There have been a lot of articles about the financial issues and competition. So I skip that part and focus on my favorite subject “Poor Business Management or Leadership”.

Everything starts in the office. What happens there?

Many business owners have the false idea that being successful in the market is all about providing good products or services. Very few consider company’s internal strategies as important impact on the business and what is being presented outside.

Let’s have a closer look at it. We know managers are “busy” characters. They have tried hard to grow their business , balance the number of employees, build a reputation in the market, and in fact some of them have now more than one office and obviously they have out of office life too.

While they are developing their business and getting busy with so many things they lose attention on the human factor in the business. Very rarely, will you find them in office. And if they have more than one office, then chances are that employees of one of the offices never see their Busy-Boss. Usually, a line manager or country manager in these offices takes care of the company. Now,…

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