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October, 24 2011

Dr. Manmohan Singh
Prime Minister
148 B South Block, Raisina Hill
New Dehli, India 110001

Dear Dr. Manmohan Singh:

I was recently given the chance to visit the country of India. It was an amazing adventure unlike any other I have had before and I enjoyed it immensely. However, while I was there I had the pleasure to visit some communities where the great people of India were stricken with poverty and hunger.
I witnessed children, pregnant woman, mothers, and entire families severely famished, underweight and unhealthy. I saw mothers watch their children starve to death and met many orphans who had lost their entire families, left to fend for themselves all because of lack of nourishment. I realize that famine
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Now you’re question is, “But won’t that require electricity?” You would think so. But the DirtMaster 3000™ includes a special battery called the Neverest© battery. This battery is so strong it can power the DirtMaster 3000™ for up to75 years without replacement. The battery also comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee. Send the DirtMaster 3000™ back to us, we’ll replace the battery and send it right back to you, shipping also provided.
The DirtMaster 3000™ can be purchased by anyone and used by anyone. As the Prime Minister of India you would receive a very special limited time reduced offer if you purchase 500 or more. I will personally deliver them to you and contribute in the distribution to the villages all over the county of India.
Our company has already conducted business with several other countries including; Pakistan, Nepal, Somalia, Kenya, and East Africa. We are saving lives every day Mr. Singh. We would be honored to do the same for the people of India and I would go as far to say that it is essential.
Dr. Singh I beg you to consider my product as a way of life for your people. Your country deserves to have a way to eat. Mothers and father deserve to be able to provide food and nourishment to their children. They deserve to be able to live full and healthy lives. My product can pride this for you and can nurture your countries people back to health.
If you are interested in purchasing or trying my product you can reach me at....

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