Business Law Essay

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Kristin Smith
Jennifer Schlenker
BUS – 420
January 19, 2014

When I located Illinois State Court’s website I realized it was surprisingly a little hard to understand for the information I needed to provide for this assignment. One might assume that because our president is from the state of Illinois that their state court website would be a little easier laid out and better to understand, but I found it quite the opposite. Therefore, I chose to do this assignment on the state of Ohio. I look at Iowa, Indiana, and Ohio and just liked how Ohio’s website was laid out. In every government there are three different branches: executive, legislative, and judicial. What does each of them mean? Executive branch is responsible for
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Constitution, Code of federal regulations, and United States Code. Interesting fact is that Louisiana and Ohio are the only two states in the United States where mayors can preside over a court. Basically what that means is the Mayor may hear different cases from different people who broke either, any kind of traffic law violation or local law/rule.
There are two different types of courts in the state of Ohio, those are Municipal and County Courts. In order to be a judge for a Municipal and Country court there are special requirements. Due to these positions being so high and having a lot of power, in order to be a judge you must be an attorney with experience, six years of experience. The Municipal and Country courts are responsible for hearing the more serious of cases also known as the felony cases. While they also have the responsibility to decide punishments of people who commit traffic and non-traffic misdemeanors.
We have talked about traffic violations and felonies but we have not talked about the littler crimes such as property damage, battery, ageism, discrimination, wrongful imprisonment, and compensation for victims of crime. Who is in charge of hearing all those crimes? Who determines how much a victim gets compensated? Well, to answer this question we need to talk about another powerful person in the court system called the Chief of Justice. A Chie Justice is a governing judge in the Supreme Court.

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