Essay about Business Law Torts

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Throughout the 1980s and 1990s in Kansas, MO, George L. Young, a cattle rancher, along with his associate Kathleen I. McConnell, an accountant, were involved in several business entities that evolved in an illicit cattle buying and management business. They engaged in soliciting funds through fictitious transactions represented to clients and to banks stating that they had more assets than they actually did. Their business owned 17,000 head of cattle. Young and McConnell had misrepresented their business by records which reported that their assets consisted of more than 343,000 head of cattle. Their illicit scheme collapsed in 2001 when the bottom fell out in the cattle market causing them to close their businesses and file for bankruptcy …show more content…
The guidelines take into account both the seriousness of the criminal conduct and the defendant’s criminal record. Based on the severity of the offense, the guidelines assign most federal crimes to one of 43 “offense levels.” Each offender is also assigned to one of six “criminal history categories” based upon the extent and recency of his or her past misconduct” ("An overview of,”).
It also states in the Overview of the United States Sentencing Committee that: The United States Sentencing Commission is an independent agency in the judicial branch of government. Its principal purposes are: (1) to establish sentencing policies and practices for the federal courts, including guidelines to be consulted regarding the appropriate form and severity of punishment for offenders convicted of federal crimes; (2) to advise and assist Congress and the executive branch in the development of effective and efficient crime policy; and (3) to collect, analyze, research, and distribute a broad array of information on federal crime and sentencing issues, serving as an information resource for Congress, the executive branch, the courts, criminal justice practitioners, the academic community, and the public. ("An overview of,”)
According to the court document 413 F3d United States V. L. Young: At sentencing, the district court made the following adjustments to Young's base…

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