Business Law 320 Final Paper

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Question 1
Jean is strictly liable if Kennel, the dog, bites Mary if Jean knew that the animal was dangerous or had a potential to be harmful to others. Since Jean is housing the dog outside in a separate building, not even in fenced yard, I would say that Jean knew Kennel was not very friendly had could possibly harm neighbors or others. Therefore, Jean is strictly liable for the dog biting Mary.

Jean is, also, strictly liable is Louis, the tiger, bites Mary. People who keep wild animals are strictly liable for any harm inflicted by the animals. If they escape, they can cause serious harm to those in the area. Therefore, with a tiger being a wild animal, especially a wild animal kept in a separate building than the main house
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It is important that all Caffeine stores have the same products and environment for consistency with their reputation.

The contract between a franchisor and franchisee defines the relationship between the two and specifies the terms and conditions of the franchise and spells out the rights and duties of the franchisor and franchisee. Therefore, control and liability can be and should be addressed in the contractual agreement to hold one another laible.

Question 3
Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits both intentional and unintentional discrimination. Since Ozzie overheard Rich, I would process this case as intentional discrimination. The ADEA prohibits employment discrimination on the basis of age of people over the age of forty. This includes claims of retaliation for complaining about age. However, for the act to apply to a case, the employer must have at least twenty employees and affect interstate commerce.

Ozzie must show that the discrimination was THE reason for his demotion. He must show that he is a member of a protected class (he is), was qualified for the position from which he was demoted (he was), and was demoted due to age (he was).

Ozzie is over the age of forty and has worked for the company for many years and promoted into the position. He was only demoted under new leadership and replaced with a younger employee who he has heard make snarky remarks

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