Essay about Business Is A Platinum Pizza Shop

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The name of the business is a Platinum pizza shop. The pizza shop will be located in Newburgh, New York. The company will seek to solve the problem of lack of wide variety of food items in the restaurant and increased the cost of different food items offered by eateries in Newburgh. Platinum pizza shop intends to provide people living in Newburgh and its environs with a broad range of high-quality and affordable food products. The shop will ensure that food products are prepared using the latest technology to ensure that the quality of food is not compromised. The management of the Platinum pizza shop will ensure that the price of a food product is different to ensure that customers get a food product that are affordable to them, at any given time. This business is centered on the concept of offering customers the product they require, at a reasonable cost.
The competitive advantage of this business relates to the quality of product delivered to the clients and prices of different products. High-quality food product provided by the Platinum pizza shop will attract many customers to the business. Many customers will be attracted to Platinum pizza shop since the price of different products allows them to save a large portion of their income. There is a ready market for various products offered by the Platinum pizza shop, in Newburgh, New York.
Newburgh has a population of approximately 28,480, and their estimated average domestic income is about $34,966. The business will…

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