Essay on Business Information Management

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Fambul Medical practice (FMB) is a rural practice based in North Hertfordshire providing face to face doctor-patient care. There many problems facing this practice. Swot analysis can be used to enable the practice managers to redistribute, reorganise, interrelate, and understand the changes which can be made in the practice.

[pic] Strength and weaknesses are internal factors which has positive and negative effect. Opportunities and Threats are external factors. Opportunities gives positive when resources are used effectively., but if threat are not recognised it can destroy and organization.
Strengths of the Practice are: ▪ Availability of Experienced Staff ▪ Compliance Code of Conducts ▪
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Good communication skill has to be adopted among practice managers to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

Improper Standard for keeping Patients Records: In this global age, there’s a need for modernisation. FMP has no proper standard for keeping patients records. People known as patients are the primary contact for the practice and they continue to exist because of them. Patient’s paper-based files need updating, which has to be properly documented in a proper standard with the use of information system.

Lack of Information Technology: there’s a need for internet access, internet, extranet, e.t.c. General practices need updating in order to gain competitive advantage, FMP is still under their traditional view of management. Good telephone system should be installed for proper booking, PC’s need networking, so that staffs can actually use them, they are not meant to be idle, but for business practice. There’s a need for change in order to be able to compete with their rivals.

Lack of Work Innovation and Creativity Work Atmosphere: Day-to-day activities in FMP is the same, there’s nothing challenging. E.g. PC’s lying dormant except for those ones which are being used by the administrators for word processing and spreadsheet, and the in which is being used by the Practice manager. These PC’s can still be explore more than this. FMP has to

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