Business Google vs Yahoo Essay

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Yahoo vs. Google Financial Analysis

Victoria Schmidt
MGMT 479: Strategic Management
William Mason
January 14, 2011

The two companies that I chose that I feel would be a great acquisition from CB&M are Google and Yahoo. These are two highly recommended internet search engines. Although, they have other competitors Google and Yahoo are the most used and well known in the US. They are both easy to use and offer many different tools and sites for individuals with internet access. They may have some common qualities but both are unique and bring their own brand to the table. It is a hard fair shake between the two in deciding just which one is actually the better search engine but I do have to say after comparing both it comes to
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Google has come a long way from having started by two Harvard students and then gaining Eric Schmidt as the CEO of the company years down the road. Google only hires the best for its company and also offers the best for its employees. Google has grown through its services provided throughout the years and continues to add more tools to its internet search engine. “Yahoo, is an acronym for, “Yet another Hierarchical Officious Oracle” ( “Yahoo! was founded in 1994 by David Filo and Jerry Yang as a directory of websites. For many years they outsourced their search service to other providers, but by the end of 2002 they realized the importance and value of search and started aggressively acquiring search companies” (seobook). Yahoo also has the usual search bar with the tabs of web, images, and video, local and shopping just like other web search engines. Other top competitors of Yahoo are, AOL and of course Google. Most information can be found on both Yahoo and Google but information may be different or in a different order between the two websites. Yahoo has a lot of advertisements run on their search engine and even shopping and dating located on its main page. Yahoo and Microsoft decided to merge last year which ended up becoming a negative for yahoo in the end. According to ComScore, an internet marketing Research Company, “After Yahoo

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