Business Goals And Objectives Of Starbucks Essay

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3.1.3 SMART Goals & Objectives

A firm’s business goal is a clear representation of its statement of intent. Business goals are strategic and high level which encompasses the entire team in every particular department of the business organization. Objectives are considered the measurable targets which are pursued for purposes of supporting business goals (Hanson, Hitt, Ireland, & Hoskisson, 2014).

Proposed Smart Goals of and Objectives Starbucks New Zealand in the fiscal year 2017 and 2018:
Starbucks will have a year by year focus when it comes to our marketing goals, focusing on three specific areas we can improve upon:
2017: Build a more stronger relationship with customers of Apple and Android products via a app that will place orders and boost online marketing via Twitter, Face book and other social media which is aimed to increase 20% foot traffic of the stores all throughout New Zealand;
2018: Improve our image in the area of market saturation. Promote a very homey and comfortable café’s which will provide a more comfortable ambiance to the customers, highlighting the company’s traditions in doing everyday business.

3.2 Environmental Analysis of the Organization

3.2.1 SWOT Analysis
Starbucks New Zealand has a different internal and external environments compared to its main international company and also a very specific strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats from its flagship company the Restaurant Brands New Zealand Ltd.



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