Business Finance Of South Georgia Banking Essay

755 Words Aug 4th, 2016 4 Pages
SUPPLIMENTAL TRAINING There are many more aspects to the banking industry than just the Teller and Customer Service departments. At the Moultrie branch, I hope to conduct another internship in the loans department. South Georgia Banking also has its headquarters in Tifton; where there are human resources, accounting, and bookkeeping departments. I would like to continue learning the inner workings of South Georgia Banking, because my internship has been such an enjoyable and educational experience. As my junior year at ABAC starts I will begin taking more actual business courses. I intend to focus my learning toward managing, and the financial industry. Business Finance, Principles of Management, and Principles of Marketing are just a few of the classes that I am looking forward to. Also, course in labor laws and financial investments could added to the ABAC business school catalog to benefit business students that plan to work in the financial industry. In Business Finance, I hope to gain more knowledge on how businesses manage their finances, and this will directly help me at working in a bank. One of the main functions of the bank is to provide sound financial advice to customers, and businesses represent a major portion of the bank’s customers. Businesses that want to start up or grow need to have a banking partner, and bank employees need to be know the basics of how their customers manage their finances, in order to give them advice. My career goal is to…

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