Business Feasibility Study of a Day Care Center Essay

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Business Feasibility Study of A Home Day Care Center
Muhisani Kerr
OMM 614 Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Josephine Carola
April 9th, 2012

Executive Summary
Kilo’s Loving Care is a venture that provides 24 hour home care services for children in DeKalb County. This facility provides child care services for up to 6 children from the age of 6 months to 12 years. The service also provides weekend and holiday care for parents who work non-traditional hours.
There are 73 child care centers in a 35 mile radius from my location. There are franchised child care centers, regular child care centers and other home based child care centers. Only 4 of them provide 24 hour service, 2 of them provide weekend service but none of
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• Most daycare centers open traditional hours from 7 am to 7 pm. With these traditional hours, the needs of parents who work non-traditional hours are not being met. I will offer a home day care 24 hour service with weekend and holiday service. Non-traditional hours are defined as child care during either weekday evening/night hours, weekend daytime hours, and/or weekend evening/night hours.
• For the weekend and holiday service an extra charge will apply per holiday or weekend day. This charge will be an added $20.00.
• According to Georgia state regulation only a maximum of 6 children with no more than 2 infants can be provided care at a home child care center (Maxwell et al, 2010). As a result, I may eventually need to expand to accommodate the rise in demand. With a rise in demand I will have to rent out a new space where I will be able to accommodate up to 19 children.
• Parents mind will be at ease knowing that they can check on their children while they are in the care of the provider. Parents will be able to check on their children using their smart phones or on a computer with internet access.
• The home daycare center will be monitored under video surveillance. Parents can view their children during child care activities whenever the need arises. Parents can stay in touch with their children at all times and be able to enjoy peace of mind.
• Every parent

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