Business Expansion Essay

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Business briefing series
20 issues for businesses expanding internationally

At Ernst & Young, we understand the challenges and we know what it takes to drive sustainable growth because we’ve helped many of the world’s most dynamic and ambitious companies develop into market leaders. Our global network of Strategic Growth Markets professionals are dedicated to serving the changing needs of fast-growth companies. Whether working with dynamic mid-cap companies or early stage venture-backed businesses, our professionals around the world draw upon their extensive experience, insight and global resources to help growing businesses reach their full potential. As well as providing traditional assurance, advisory, tax and transaction advisory
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Our reach extends to more than 66,000 of today’s and tomorrow’s business leaders, representing some 54,000 Chartered Accountants and 12,000 of Australia’s best accounting graduates who are currently enrolled in our world-class postgraduate program. Our members work in diverse roles across commerce and industry, academia, government and public practice throughout Australia and in 109 countries around the world. We aim to lead the profession by delivering visionary thought leadership projects, setting the benchmark for the highest ethical, professional and educational standards, and enhancing and promoting the Chartered Accountants brand. We also represent the interests of members in government, industry, academia and the general public by actively engaging our membership and local and international bodies on public policy, government legislation and regulatory issues. The Institute can leverage advantages for its members as a founding member of the Global Accounting Alliance (GAA), an international accounting coalition formed by the world’s premier accounting bodies. The GAA has a membership of over 800,000 and promotes quality professional services to share information and collaborate on international accounting issues. The Institute is constituted by Royal Charter and was established in 1928. For further information about the Institute

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