Business Ethics Essay

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Nika Krikheli

Chapter 5 Questions

Mr. John Long


1. First of all, the word work can be separated in two parts: verb or noun. As a noun work can refer to particular accomplishment, like homework or a job or employment. As a verb it can be used as working for government or as a teacher or as a coach and etc. Work can also be referred as an activities performed in exchange for wages.
Work can be separated in three main parts which are: job, career, and calling.
Job is described as work where self-identity is independent of activity. Career involves development between self and activity. Career is connected to activities which are “morally inseparable”.
Work does have value, because working gets people paid, and
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For example if my calling is to be an actor, I will try to become an actor because I want to and because I have a will to do so and not because I think about money. Calling is more related to heart and to one’s desire. I feel like if more people follow their calling the better place the world would be. Of course, as long as someone’s success is built on positivity.

3. The two different trends with conventional work are the classical and hedonistic views. The classical view conceives of humans as intellectual beings, when work is physical and it is a necessity that decreases human potential. It involves constant diminishing of human nature and human potential. The Hedonistic view is when work is necessary for obtaining life pleasures. Where person works so that he or she can buy those things that will make him or her happy. So it is based on life pleasures.

4. Greek philosophical notions, basically states that good life is life spent with constant developing and fulfilling telos. They are related to human fulfillment because telos means being all you can be, and doing maximum of your abilities. Where employers do not have responsibility of making employees better, so with this idea it is interpreted as what the person will benefit from doing the work. By improving and constantly trying to become better is based on the same ethical attitudes as human fulfillment model.

5. Work can become meaningful under the liberal model of work because

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