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THEORY OF “GET RICH QUICK”: The “get rich quick” theory implies that random amounts of money naturally float from one person to another. Money is an automatic current that just weaves its way through society. Have we ever wondered why money is referred to as being “made?” or why we have to -make- money. Because money is an idea — it’s a representation of work, creation and value. When a carpenter buys an apple from an old farmer’s fruit stand, both individuals had to work in order to reap

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Mr. Sobhan has a strong leadership presence in the commercial arena at home and abroad. Clear aim, integrity, patience and relentless efforts were the key of his success despite many adversities, which has allowed him to become the icon of a giant group of enterprises comprised of over 20 moderate to heavy industrial and business units.
As recognition to his outstanding contributions in business sector he was awarded “Best Client Award of Agrani Bank Ltd” in 2010,"Bangladesh Cultural Foundation Award" in 2009,  "Janata Bank Prime Customer Award" in 2002,   "USA   Summit International Award"   in   2002, "President Gold Medal" in 1994 and the"Kazi Nazrul Islam Medal" in 1992.
Two welfare foundations established by Mr. Sobhan have been working tirelessly for the betterment of the poor and under-privileged people of the country along with other different development tasks.
But he is the man who uses the theory of “get-rich-quick” in his business. He uses unethical strategies for getting more profit. In recent days one of his companies, name Bashundhara Industrial complex, pulled sand from “Parki beach”. As a result at least 500 trees died and the beach went down at different points. It is a severe environmental disaster which is created by the company. In recent days Basundhara had a gun fight with one of their
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